For Parents

Our Educators

At Little Champs, our educators are our most precious resource. We acknowledge that the quality of education and care that your child will receive each day rest on the shoulders of these very special people. We have carefully selected educators with vast experience, extensive training and for their personal qualities and commitment to provide high quality of care and education. The members of our professional education and care team hold a wide range of qualifications which complies with Children’s Services regulations.

The centre is privately owned and operated by local owners with experience and knowledge of early childhood. We believe that our service will reflect the surrounding community needs by:

  • Accepting students studying various early childhood courses under the supervision of our experienced staff
  • Helping and supporting families with children with additional needs and referring them to specialist services.
  • Employing staff from local community and with different backgrounds and skills.

Our educators are consistently adding to their qualifications with a number of professional development opportunities available for them.  In addition to the qualification required in children’s services, all our educators also have the following trainings;

  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Child Protection Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Food handlers’ course
  • Police check

Parent Participation

Our Service has an Open-Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved in the Service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the Service and sharing skills & experiences that the children and the program will benefit from.

We welcome and encourage the involvement of all parents/families at our Service. Their ideas, experiences and skills are greatly valued and enable us to extend each child’s interests, abilities and knowledge. There are many ways for families can be involved. We understand that our busy lives can’t always afford the time, however any contribution no matter how big or small is much appreciated.

Meals and nutrition

Childhood is a time of growth and activity, which results in increased nutritional needs. It is also a time to form life-long habits of good nutrition and healthy eating. The amount or food required each day varies with age, size and activity level of the child and a good diet is important for the normal growth and development of the child. It is important for educators and families to work co-operatively to ensure the centre plays a part in meeting each child’s nutritional needs. Our service provides breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack.  Water and milk is provided with every meal.  Our highly trained chef follows “Get Up and Grow: Healthy eating for Early Childhood Program” to plan the menus. Food is provided according to developmental and dietary requirement of the child.